YBMAD : Young is who we give back to, Black is who we represent, Motivated to succeed, And Determined to Believe the best!!

Young, Black Motivated and Determined

The YBMAD website was put together with a focus on building an team of young artist and creators determined to make greatness. The site is designed so that the art is at the forefront, in the form of music, video, and engaging content.

"Depending on your preference, you may use music as an escape, as motivation, a personal inspiration or maybe just an outlet for expression. Hip-Hop has played the most significant role in music and in the reformation of today’s society. Being the most impactful, hip-hop can often be perceived both as a positive factor and a negative factor. But honestly there is only one factor that matters...where does the music take you?"

To get the full feeling and passion of the YBMAD team, make sure to follow them and visit the website at imybmad.com. Let the music on Tron-LegaC and the team take you into the clouds and beyond. #imybmad

July 2016
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