It has been a minute, but we finally found time to step in the closet, get fresh, tailored, and step out fresh. We sharpened the buttons, ironed out the pages, and got a fade on some of the unnecessary elements of our previous website. You are now experiencing the results of much time and grind to renew the Nu! Welcome to the cool.

Smoother, cooler, more creative.

The new site you are now browsing is the result of learning from our past experiences. We have grown as a brand and our experience in marketing, design, and development naturally grows with the profession and practice. We created the previous version of in early 2014, and at the time we did a bunch of research on how we wanted to brand the business, and we made sure to style all our content (business cards, website, social networks, etc) to match the approach we were taking.
Naturally we have gained a bunch of experience over the years, and our toolbox of coolness is greater. This time around, we took what have learned over the last few years and we put in even more time to revamp our creative look for the world to see. Taking a minimal approach to the brand, we scrapped a few logo variations we had, solidified a new shade of red (brighter to the eye, more popping in our designs), and came up with new marketing text and promotional imagery to go along with it.

The result of updated how we brand flows down into the website, which we also took a "more is less" approach on. ( sidenote: you can scroll down to the next section for links to the old version of our website ) Some of the core changes we made during the redesign included stripping away the navigation bar from the header, getting rid of the showcase page, and making our portfolio page simple. Our previous portfolio page was divided between projects that were websites and / or design only projects. That no longer fit our business model since we also provide app development, marketing / brand consulting, along with the usual design services and web development. After cutting out the excess fat, and getting the rest of the website fitted with some new features and changes to make it easier for our visitors, you have what you see now!
The New Nutastic
Website, Branding, Logo Design, Marketing Design
February 2017
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To sum it up ... previous branding and website was "aite", but we needed to polish up in order to fit our growing business and updated style and creativity.

The old is still nu

Sometimes we like to go into throwback mode. We also like to stay humble, and nothing humbles you more than seeing your old young faced toothless picture. So whenever we upgrade our site, we make sure to migrate the old version to a corner of the internet that we can dig into and reminisce on. So here is our list of "Oldtastic Designz" website versions...enjoy!
  1. ( released July 2009 ) : The first ever!
  2. ( released August 2010 )
  3. ( released November 2011 )
  4. ( released January 2013 )
  5. ( released March 2014 )
Until the next update, enjoy the current version of our website, and follow us on social media to see more of our brand and how we are styling. If you are interested in creating something cool, feel free to send us a project request.