Audacious living is likely to lead to interactions with the unexpected. In a similar fashion, two young artists, Jordan Hyde & Jordan Thomas-Bridgewater, have come together, through interconnected talents, to capture any and all occasions, with the click of a shutter, or steam of captured activity. Whether imagined or unimagined, posed or spontaneous, your personal being, social interactions, and familial relationships can be made to last forever through professional photography and videography intended to tell your story.

Making The Moment Last Forever

We have been partnered with the Jordan Moments team since they got started. What started as just a scripted logo and simple website, has grown to a brand that touches the lives and eyes of many in the form of video and photos. As the Jordan Moments business has grown, so has the scale of greatness and creativity that goes along with it. This allows the business to grow as their needs grow, and to reach more of their user base with innovative solutions. In our venture, we have provided services that include:
  • Logo Design
  • Website Development
  • iOS and Android App
  • Branding & Marketing Design
  • Video Intro / Outro animation
Jordan Moments
iOS & Android App, Website, Logo, Branding
October 2015
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Designing the Jordan Moment brand was done with a minimal style approach, starting with the color and logo, hence the shutter and text imagery being in only black and white. This allows the color of all their creative content to flow on pretty much anything, from the app & website down to a flyer design, the color of their content is brought out while being encapsulated by the simplicity of their style.

To getter a better feel, you have to indulge in the moment for yourself. Jordan Moments is available on iOS and Android. Download the app today and watch your favorite moments. For more information, visit their website at