Calvin Price Storage is a convenient and safe storage solution with a mission to be affordable and flexible to fit perfectly into your lifestyle. With an aim that targets college students based in Maryland, we were able to work hand-in-hand with the CPS to build a custom solution fit just for their business and their target audience.

The website presents new customers and returning visitors with 3 simple steps, and all they have to do is select the storage package they want, add any custom items to their cart, and checkout. After making the purchase, the CPS team will immediately get in touch with the customer and take it from there.

The website also features a responsive design that allows for easy access from desktops, tablets, and phones. The CPS team is able to manage storage solutions and website content from their own custom CMS (Content Management System).
If you are interested a storage option in the Maryland area, visit
Calvin Price Storage
Website, Logo
March 2017
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