BreFIT is a small business focused on personal training and helping the community reach their fitness goals. Inspired by Breana Anderson, who changed her life by accepting her body, getting fit, and learning skills in health and wellness to help others. BreFIT and the Nutastic team were able to put our minds together to create a mobile platform that allows the BreFIT team to reach their clients and customer base directly, providing custom or ready-to-go workout plans, meal plans, and fitness tips.

The BreFIT app allows users to create free accounts and from there they can purchase workouts and meal plans provided by the team. Users can also go online to the website to request custom plans by entering their health information and goals, and from there the BreFIT team will work directly with the customer to build the perfect plan that meets their eating and fitness goals.
App, Website, Logo, Branding
March 2016
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A personal approach

Our solution involved making sure that the website and app did not sway away from the small business feel that the company already provided for its customers. To help make sure current users and new users felt directly connected to Breana and her team, we added Fitness Tips on the website, provided personally by Breana, in addition to the custom plans which she personally created. Users can sign up to train with Breana during any open sessions, and can send questions and feedback in regards to their plans.

Moving weight

If you are interested in getting fit, and / or eating better, download out the BreFIT app on iOS or Android. And visit the website to check out more.