This website started out as just a blog entitled writingwhilepumping, an outlet where Victoria Graham explored the random thoughts, interactions, and experiences she had as she pumped breastmilk for my daughter. That blog has grown into the new platform that is now BlackishMom, which serves as both an inspiration and a resource for other Black millennial moms and families who want to see themselves represented as authentically as possible.

Blackish Building

Our focus when building the BlackishMom website was to help it grow. Working with Victoria, we bounced ideas on current and future plans for the platform, and we made sure our primary goal was to ensure that as BlackishMom continued to grow, the website had the tools to move with it.

With that end goal in mind, we re-developed how we built our content management system and added a few new tools, such as the ability to build and manage your own shop, plug slideshows & custom forms into your pages, view website analytics, and manage blog post, pages and data more easily. Aside from adding tools to help manage the website, we created a design on the front-end that was flexible enough for the growth of the platform. The home page features a rounded-tile layout that can be used to promote new blog post, pages, shop products, events, and anything that needs to be highlighted at the top of the fold. The website is also built with a responsive design, so that it is accessible from all device sizes.Victoria, being the genius, was able guide us on the colors and approach she wanted to take with her blog post and from there able to take the solution we came up with and run with it.
Website, Logo
January 2017
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